Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dynamics CRM 4.0 - JavaScript Web Service Helper Objects Part II

In February I posted a helper library for making JavaScript call to CRM - Original Post. Since then I have made a few enhancements.

  • Adding ordering to your results

  • Allowing for Null/Not Null Checks

The below example is used to default the address on a new contact to an address for their parent account. It pulls the first address (ordering by address number) where the address line 1 is not null (not null check).

try {
if (crmForm.all.parentaccountid.DataValue != null) {
// Create object passing in the entity you are selecting from
var crmService = new CrmService("customeraddress", LOGICAL_OPERATOR_AND);

// Order by address number ascending
crmService.AddOrder("addressnumber", "Ascending");

// Add filter conditions (note: the "AND" logical operator was specified in constructor)
crmService.AddFilterCondition("parentid", crmForm.all.parentaccountid.DataValue[0].id, CONDITION_OPERATOR_EQUAL);

// Where line1 is not null
crmService.AddFilterCondition("line1", "", "NotNull");

// Retrieve the result object
var result = crmService.RetrieveMultiple();

// Loop through rows and select values (they return strings)
if (result.Rows.length > 0) {
var row = result.Rows[0];
// Get Column By Name
crmForm.all.address1_name.DataValue = row.GetValue("name");
crmForm.all.address1_line1.DataValue = row.GetValue("line1");
crmForm.all.address1_line2.DataValue = row.GetValue("line2");
crmForm.all.address1_line3.DataValue = row.GetValue("line3");
crmForm.all.address1_city.DataValue = row.GetValue("city");
crmForm.all.address1_stateorprovince.DataValue = row.GetValue("stateorprovince");
crmForm.all.address1_postalcode.DataValue = row.GetValue("postalcode");
crmForm.all.address1_country.DataValue = row.GetValue("country");

catch (e) {


The new library is attached below. Enjoy!


This release is provided "AS IS" and contains no warranty and confers no rights.

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